Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Moab - Sis 2

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week my husband and I left our kids with Sis #1 and Grandma, while we went to play in Moab, Utah.
It was the week of jeep safari in Moab, so it was pretty busy, but it was a lot of fun. Now, if you are wondering what is Jeep safari, I'll tell you. Every year, during the week leading up to Easter people come from all over the world with their expensive, tricked-out jeeps to ride the wild rock trails around Moab. You can find trails that are pretty easy, or you can find trails that are crazy, I mean, five foot rock steps crazy.
My husband and I don't have a jeep anymore, so we took our four wheelers, and while my husband is an experienced four-wheeler, I am not so on Tuesday I told him we needed to do a fairly easy trail. We looked at a website that rated the trails from 1 to 4+, 4+ being the hardest. We found a trail quite a bit outside of Moab that was rated a 3 called the Top of the World Trail. I thought it sounded good, and my husband agreed so we picked that trail.
The trail was not too difficult on my four-wheeler even with my limited abilities, and it was a lot of fun. It was really fun to ride my own four wheeler. In the past I have ridden on the back of my husbands four wheeler, but then he does crazy things, that I don't like, and I get mad at him. It is way better to have your own four wheeler to control.
At the top of the trail was a breath taking view. It ended at some huge cliffs and you could see for miles, which I'm sure is why the trail is called Top of the World. Here are some pictures from that day.
On Top of the World

Views from the Top of the World.

Me, riding down the trail

The drive to and from the trail was along the Colorado River, it was beautiful.

On Wednesday my husbands parents came with us and brought their razor. That day they decided we had to do a harder trail. So they picked the Poison Spider trail, which is just outside of Moab and climbs to a cliff overlooking the town. I was a bit nervous since it was a harder trail, but I actually did pretty well on it. The poison spider trail was longer than the Top of the World trail and had a lot more big rock "steps" to go up. We did see a lot of jeeps break tie rods and steering "somethingorothers" (my husband could tell you the real words, but I really don't know)on the Posion spider trail, but my husband says that is part of the fun of it. Overall, it really turned out to be a lot of fun also. If you have a chance to ride the trails around Moab I would say "do it."
Here are some pictures from the second day.

An arch a little way off the trail.

Me, coming down some big steps

My husband going down a hill.

View from the top of the Poison Spider Trail.

This was a funny sight, we saw while driving into town. It is just a miniature horse, but it is funny that it is in the back of a truck.

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