Friday, April 6, 2012

Modest Skirts From the Store - Sis 1

Each year, I fully intend to sew Easter dresses for each of my girls. And almost every year, I end up having too little time to do it in. This year, as reality set in, I headed to the store to buy Easter outfits for my kids. I happened to be in our hometown at the time, and, although it now how many more stores than it did when we were kids, it still has a somewhat limited selection. I have found, however, that even if the selection is quite large, it is hard to find modest skirts at stores.

Here's my solution:

I buy skirts that are about four sizes larger than my girls actually wear. This makes the length about right. So then the waist is too big. Not to worry. Without sewing a stitch I can fix that, too.

First, cut a piece of ribbon at least eighteen inches longer than the actual waist circumference. Melt the ends with a match or lighter. (Sorry about the blur.)

Place two tall dots of Fray Check on the front of the skirt's waistband. I put them on the side this time, but I've done middle before, too.

Use a seam ripper (scissors would work, too, just not as easily) to cut a slit through the middle of the dots of Fray Check. Make sure your slit is completely surrounded by the Fray Check.

Attach a fairly large safety pin to one end of the ribbon and push it through one of the holes. Pull the pin through the waistband like an inchworm until the ribbon has circled the skirt and come back through the other hole. Remove the safety pin.

Tie knots at the ends of the ribbon to help prevent it from being pulled out of the waistband. When the skirt is on the child, pull the ribbon tight around the waist and tie a bow.

Viola! Less than 5 minutes of work. Even I can do that.

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