Monday, April 23, 2012

Teddy Bear Cookies - Sis1

These are not an everyday cookie. They're expensive to make and not very fast, when compared to most drop cookies. (A lot less time and mess than sugar cookies, though.) They're best for special occasions or when someone you know needs a big bear hug. Or you could tell them they were "beary" cute, special, kind, etc.

A big shout-out for this one goes to the creative folks at Western Family. About a year ago, I guess, while shopping at Macey's, I noticed that the Western Family version of Cookie Crisp cereal was on a good sale. I rarely buy cereal that isn't in a huge bag, but I decided to get a couple of boxes that day. I guess I was hungry.

On the side of the box was a recipe for teddy bear cookies. I looked at the recipe and it didn't appeal to me, but the premise did, so we made them with this recipe, omitting the chocolate chips and powdered sugar.

Place balls of dough (I used my cookie scoop) in pairs on a cookie sheet and bake 6 min. at 350 degrees farenheit. Remove from oven and place cereal in the cookie dough to make ears and paws. Add eyes and a nose with whatever you have (chocolate chips won't show up well). We used peanut butter chips this time, but white chocolate chips or m&ms would work well, too. Return to oven and bake for 6 more minutes. Allow to cool somewhat on the pan before carefully removing them. They are a bit fragile.

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