Friday, April 6, 2012

What the Heck?!! - Sis 1

I was just sitting in the living room, working on that last blog post when my DH called to me from the kitchen, "Where's that apple-cutter thing?"

"It should be in the skillet." (Yes, we have space issues in our cupboards. I have two skillets which are nested inside one another. Then my pie plates, and then my apple cutter. That's how it fits.)

"What's a skillet, again?"

I know I spoil my DH. He rarely has to do any cleaning, aside from his laundry (he insulted my laundry methods a few too many times) and NEVER cooks. If I happen to not be home, he chooses one of two dinner options: eat out or cold cereal.

But really. Not even knowing what a skillet is? When I showed him what it was, he said, "Those are pans."

Yes, but so are saucepans and soup pots. As are cake pans and bread tins.


Ok. I'm done.

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  1. My DH asks similar questions. He does cook for himself, but he doesn't always know the names of things. ~Sis 3