Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Spring Day - Sister 2

What a beautiful spring day it was yesterday. As soon as we got home from picking up my oldest daughter from school my kids were begging to go outside and play. I couldn't blame them, it was sunny and warm. But, I being the mother, made sure they ate lunch and did some chores before they could go out. My little boy usually takes a nap after lunch, but he knew the girls were going to go out to play and he would not go to sleep. So we ALL went out to play. The kids had so much fun running up and down the hill, going down the slide, riding scooters and playing in the dirt. I cleaned all the grass out of a flower bed and out of the strawberry bed. I'm hoping we will get a bunch of strawberries this year, but I'm not sure. We moved into this house in November, so I don't know how well the strawberries,or any other plant, will do. I also walked around the yard looking at all the buds on the trees and the leaves popping out of the ground. I will have tulips and irises in a month or two. I wonder what colors they will be?
I love spring. It is so fun to see the new life. The green buds on the trees and the little purple flowers popping up. AND, it is so GREAT to get outside in the nice SUNSHINE.

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