Saturday, February 11, 2012

Healthful Valentine's Treats - Sis 1

I know it's completely crazy, but there are some people out there who are on a diet. Even worse, there are others who just don't like sweets. So, if you have any of THAT kind of people on your Valentine's list, here's an idea of what you can give them. And, they're mailable, so you can give them to long-distance sugar-hating valentines!

I put the nuts label on a package of nuts, the apple label on a squeezy pack of applesauce, the berry label on a squeezy applesauce and berry pack, and the banana label on a bag of banana chips. You could use all dried fruit, if you wanted.

If you don't need to mail these, use fresh fruit. All the better.

Here are my labels. You can click on it and "save as" and then print them yourself, if you'd like.

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