Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Friends - Sis 2

I have this great friend who likes to bake and sew, just like I do. So we have a lot of fun getting together and working on different projects. I met my friend at church, we were asked to be in charge of activity days or achievement days for the 8 and 9 year old girls in our ward. We had fun doing that, but we also became friends, and thankfully our kids liked to play together too. So we would find a project we wanted to do and get the kids to play, so we could do our sewing or baking. I recently moved (well, it still seems recent to me, but I guess it has been 9 months now) and live a few suburbian cities away, so it is harder to get together than it used to be. But when we can find the time we still like to get together and work on some project. The latest project we sewed was this super cute bag. My friend already had the pattern for it, so we just had to find materials. We decided I would take the pattern and cut out my fabric first and then she would take the pattern and cut her fabric, and then we would get together to sew. Well, life got busy for both of us, and so that took us quite a while. My friend and I decided to get together for lunch to celebrate our birthdays (mine is one day and hers is the day after) and then we would sew after lunch. We didn't end up getting much done that day because it got pretty crazy at my house. We finally decided that we would finish the bags on our own. So, unfortunately I didn't get to sew with my friend as much as we had planned. But, I'm lucky to have a friend who has great patterns and lets me borrow them, and also who comes up with such great ideas and projects for us to sew together. She really is the brains behind all of our projects. AND the bag turned out really cute. I thought it was pretty easy to sew; though, it might not be so easy for a beginning seamstress. Plus, it is really useful and fun. Find a pattern you like and make a bag today!

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