Monday, January 23, 2012

My Obsession with Sports Bras - Sis 1

I admit it. I have a small obsession with sports bras. Do I love the way they provide support while I exercise? Well, I'm sure I would if I were ever to try it, but, no. I love them because they are a perfect solution to immodest clothing.

Everyone knows that if your top is too low-cut, you can wear a tank top beneath, so as not to expose what is underneath that, even if it is, as in my case, rather small.

But what if you're wearing a swimsuit? Swimsuits are my natural enemy. I hate them. They hate me. Unfortunately, my children and husband love to go swimming. I do deter them when at all possible, however, I can't claim the wrong time of the month EVERY time.

So, on occasion, I actually have to wear a swimsuit. We have come to an agreement, swimsuits and I. They will show every ounce of fat that I have in all the wrong places and I will keep them submerged as much as possible. I think I do need to work on my negotiating skills, as I have so far been unable to get a single concession from the swimsuits.

I do have one modesty trick up my...err...strap? I wear a sports bra underneath my swimsuit. Finding a modest swimsuit--one that covers that entire area is not an easy task, especially if you're cheap, like me. I have, in the past sewn a traingular panel into a halter-style swimsuit a couple of times. And about two summers ago, my neice had me alter a swimsuit to remove a keyhole that was showing too much skin--not an easy task.

Oh, that I had thought of wearing a sports bra before that time. I now have a swimsuit that is similar to that one. And I wear it, keyhole and all.

Another advantage to the sports bra solution is that I tend to get cold often while wearing a swimsuit and most suits do not have sufficient padding, which causes other modesty issues. The sports bra helps to alleviate that issue as well.

And I don't limit myself to wearing them in the swimming pool. I also began to wear sports bras as alternative to tanks under low-cut tops. I don't like a full tank because it adds bulk to places that are bulky enough already. I did try those little pieces of cloth that you clip onto your bra, but if you have the slightest tendency to move during the day, they get in a twist. Sports bras don't do that. They stay where they belong.

So, yes, as I said, I am obsessed with sports bras. Now, what to do with the cellulite?

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  1. I understand how you feel. Sometimes, there are experiences that leave us questioning ourselves, but I don’t think you have to worry too much. Sports bras are designed to fit you regardless of your size. Moreover, you have your kids and a loving husband who will always be proud of you for who you are. :)